Entire Technology Co., successfully listed on TWSE Emerging Board (Fund V)

Jun 1, 2020

Founded in 2003, Entire had been the leading diffuser plate manufacturer in TFT industry. With the Company’s endeavor and CID’s value-added contribution, Entire made its first IPO in 2009. However, traditional diffuser application become gradually saturated with low entrance barrier and limited growth; Entire’s market cap went from the peak of more than US$600m to lower than $80m. The Company decided to transform and grasp opportunities in latest development in Mini-LED and 5G applications.

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Successful listing of Shanghai Ecmoho Health Biotechnology Co., Ltd. one of CID Greater China Venture Capital Fund V

Nov 8, 2019

Established in 2011 and headquartered in Shanghai, Ecmoho is a leading non-medical health and wellness integrated solution provider in China. With its experiences in health industry and retail management, Ecmoho has the strengths to offer comprehensive value proposition to stakeholders in the health & wellness ecosystem.

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Ample Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Listed on Taipei Exchange (Fund III)

Apr 3, 2019

Founded in 2007, Ample is specializing in producing conductive silver paste, silver palladium paste, copper and nickel paste, etc, in applicable to a variety of industries including photovoltaic (PV), touch panels, flexible circuitry, solar energy, as well as passive components. Its dedication in innovation, product testing equipment, and process equipment simulation increase products yield rates and strengthen Ample's gross margin. As of end of 2018, Ample booked NTD 713M revenue and 56M net profit with 60% YoY growth.

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