Investment Strategy

Industry Value Chains

CID’s key to successful investing and delivering consistent returns is disciplined execution of our long-term strategy. Our strategy is to invest in companies where CID has established or is in the process of establishing an industrial value chain. We strongly believes that industrial value chain strategy is the best approach to capture the upside of a growing industry by leveraging the cluster effect achieved by having scale and concentrated resources in certain industry sectors.

CID’s industrial value chain strategy utilizes an analytical top-down approach in tracking global industry migration trend and determining the industry sector with the most future growth potential. We believes in-depth analyses of global economic situations, per capita GDP trends, government regulation and policy, and the direction of private investment by CID Research Institute and our investment professionals, enables us to invest in the industries with the best risk/return profile. When an emerging opportunity is identified, we will search for the best team and company in the region, or build proprietary businesses by leveraging our global resource networks.

Up-to-date, CID has built 10 industry value chains, including semi-conductor, flat panel display, storage technology, wireless communication, and other emerging industries in China such as education, healthcare, green tech, modern agriculture, business process outsourcing and retail chains, etc.

Resource Integration

CID works and operates in American, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese business cultures and is able to meld disparate resources into profitable companies. CID’s dedication to serving as a regional resource hub has made it a preferred partner for many management teams, portfolio companies and multi-national conglomerates.

CID operates on a few core principles. First, successful investment requires synthesizing the investment acumen of a financial investor with the focus of a successful operational manager and the vision of an industry leader. Second, successful execution requires careful analysis, discipline and leveraging of available resources. As a result, the CID Group plays an active role in partnering with management to identify opportunities, set objectives, and execute the plans.