Research Focus

CRI’s research focuses on health care, modern agriculture, clean tech, IT, consumption, education and culture creation.

Health Care

The health care policy reform and aging demographic structure drives potential demand of health care products and related service.

Modern Agriculture

China has the largest population base and a lasting food short supply. The traditional agriculture are transforming into modern agriculture with higher efficiency, better quality and more sustainable development.

Clean Tech

The limited fossil resource and sustainable economic growth need new clean technologies so that all industries are quickly integrated into global value chain.


Information technologies change our life and make everything easy and convenient. New business model and technology application follows upon one another.


As the disposable income keep increasing and urbanization process accelerates, Chinese people are experiencing a new round of consumption upgrade.

Education & Culture creation

Chinese tradition of education and the increasingly intense competition pressure makes Chinese families lay great emphasis on education. However, not only knowledge but also creativity and innovation would change our future.