Charles Chang,Senior Partner
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Experience :

Charles Chang, Executive Partner, is a founding partner of CID. Charles has more than 14 years of investment experience. Prior to founding The CID Group in 1998, Charles was an Investment Manager at the Kuan-Hwa Investment Corporation, an investment arm of the Kuomingtan political party. At Kuan-Hwa, he invested over US$50 million dollars in PC, notebook, IC, optoelectronics industry. The list of companies which eventually went public include TI-ACER semiconductor, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of DRAM's; Taiwan MASK, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of MASK; and other companies in the IC related industries such as IC testing and packaging, PBC and LED manufacturer. At the CID Group, Charles is the head of the Investment Department. Through the years he has led or co-led numerous deals including Advanced Power Electronics, Advanced Analogic Technologies etc., of which many have went public. His early investment experience centered on the PC, notebook, IC, and optoelectronics industry.