Amazing trading 45% above the listing price, listed on Taiwan Emerging Stock Market

Dec 26, 2012

We are joyful to announce the successful listing of Amazing Microelectronic Corp. (“Amazing” or “the Company”), one of the portfolio companies of CID Greater China Venture Capital Fund II, LP, in this holiday season.

Listed on Taiwan Emerging Stock Market (Bloomberg Ticker: 6411 TT) on December 25th, 2012, the trading price of the Company surged 45% above the listing price, NT$55 (US$1.89) on the day it debuted, and closed at NT$60.5 per share (US$2.08), with closing market cap of NT$2.17 billion.

Established in 2006, Amazing is a leading ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) solution provider, including designing, manufacturing and selling EMI filters and ESD related ICs. With strong R&D capabilities and over 250 utilizable patents in US and Taiwan, Amazing has won partnership with major global IT brand names. The Company achieved exceptional financials as reflected in its first three quarters earnings results, and posted a net income of NT$130 million on revenues of NT$909 million with average gross margin of 33% and EPS of NT$2.58.

Since 2007, The CID Group has been actively supporting the Company’ business development via leveraging the Firm’s established industry networks in customer and strategic partner introduction, executives recruitment, strategic planning and IPO preparation. The Firm is proud to be the early partner of Amazing and work closely with the Company to achieve exceptional growth and remarkable milestones during the past years.

CID invested US$9 million in Amazing and held 19% of the Company’s equity shares. Based on the closing price of NT$60.5 on December 25th, CID has achieved approximately 2.4 times on the investment.

TWI listed on Taiwan Emerging Stock Market on November 5th, 2012

Nov 9, 2012

The CID Group is pleased to announce the successful listing of TWI Pharmaceuticals, Inc (hereinafter referred to as “TWI” or “the Company”), one of CID’s healthcare portfolio companies, on Taiwan OTC Exchange (Bloomberg Ticker: 4190 TT) on November 5th, 2012. The trading price of the company surged 48% above the listing price, NT$108(US$3.6) on the day it debuted and closed at NT$157 per share (US$5.3), with closing market cap of NT$15 billion.

TWI, a specialty pharmaceutical company with more than 20 Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) submissions accepted by US FDA, focus on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of high barrier generic prescription products and new drug products that will fulfill unmet medical needs. The company is targeting to file and obtain more ANDAs of high barrier generic drugs for US market; currently it has delivered another 8 ANDA submissions for approval. With the posted revenue of NT$309 million (US$10 million) in 2011, up more than 20% from the year earlier, TWI is expected to become profitable within the next two year upon the receipt of approvals.

The CID Group invested US$1 million in TWI, and aimed to build a long-term relationship with the Company to pursue more strategic opportunities in the healthcare portfolios. Based on the closing price on November 9th, CID has achieved approximately 2.7 times on the investment.

2012 The CID Group Annual Conference

Sep 30, 2012

The CID Group's 2012 Annual Conference will be held at The Ritz Carlton Pudong, Shanghai on November 12th.

We would take this opportunity to share the opportunities we see in the Greater China, and the strategy and portfolios we have built across various industry value chains. We will invite distinguished speakers, entrepreneurs of our portfolio companies, and leading investors worldwide to share their invaluable insight and experience at this special occasion.

Summit Acquired by Qualcomm

Jul 19, 2012

Summit Microelectronics, one of CID Greater China Venture Capital Fund II, L.P’s portfolio companies, was acquired by with the world’s largest chipset maker Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM).

Founded in 1997, Summit Microelectronics is a leader in providing flexible, highly integrated power management solutions combining precision power regulation with sophisticated digital control in a single chip. In particular, the company's fast charging solutions are found in a variety of leading mobile phones, tablets, and e-readers.

In 2008, CID invested US$7.6 million in Summit. As the company’s highly active and hands on partner, CID has assisted Summit setting up FAE office in Taiwan and strengthened its relation with distributors in Greater China region. Specifically, CID had been supportive during Summit’s intensive capital requirement period by taking the lead investor role last year. CID is proud to share Summit’s remarkable growth and achievements for the past few years.

Merger of Mstar with Mediatek

Jun 25, 2012

MStar Semiconductor (Bloomberg ticker 3697 TT), the world’s leading IC designing company, has received a tender offer from its market rival MediaTek Inc. (Bloomberg ticker 2454 TT) for an approximately NT$115 billion (US$3.84 billion) merger deal on June 22nd, which upon completion would be the world’s fifth largest semiconductor acquisition in the past decade (data compiled by Bloomberg)

With an eventual goal of 100% merger in early 2013, MediaTek plans to first acquire 40%~48% of Mstar’s outstanding shares at a tender offer price of 0.794 share of MediaTek stock plus NT$ 1 in cash per Mstar share from June 25th to August 23rd. The offer represents a premium of around 20% to Mstar’s June 22nd closing price (NT$182.5).

Merging of the two companies creates the world’s fourth largest chip designer. Integrating Mstar’s and Media Tek’s leading strength in TV chips and cellular phone chips, respectively, the merger brings about stronger resource integration and cost competitiveness for the combined entity. The combined revenues of the two companies were US$4.2 billion in 2011, representing more than 70% share of global TV chips market, and approximately 60% share of Chinese handset chip market. The shares of Mstar and MediaTek rose 6.85% and 2.37% on June 25th, respectively, after the announcement of the merger.

CID was the largest institutional private investor of Mstar, and has been working closely with the company since 2002. CID also delegated the CFO to assist the IPO and M&A of the company. As a long-term partner of Mstar, CID is proud to see Mstar achieving this important milestone.

Rotam Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange on April 25, 2012

Apr 26, 2012

The CID Group is pleased to announce the April 25, 2012 IPO of Rotam Global AgroSciences Limited, the first agricultural biotechnology company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as Rotam or the Company). (Bloomberg: 4141 TT) Shares of the Company closed 5% above the NT$85 (US$2.9) IPO price the day it debuted on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, closing at NT$89.4. At the close of the market, the Company’s market cap was NT$9.5 billion (US$322M). For 2011, Rotam posted net income of NT$561M (US$19 million) on revenue of NT$6.5 Billion (US$220 Million) with an EPS of NT$5.29.

A part of the Rotam Group, Rotam Global AgroSciences is widely acknowledged as one of Asia Pacific’s leading crop protection companies. Rotam’s core product portfolio includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, plant nutrients, and veterinary products. Some of Rotam’s core strengths include its extensive global distribution and the diversity of its proprietary formulations. Rotam’s own branded products are sold in over 60 countries and the Company has successfully registered over 700 products. As a result of Rotam’s unique crop protection products, centralized supply chain, and large R&D team, the Company enjoys higher gross margins than its regional peers. With a strong product pipeline and a clear and formidable registration strategy, the Company is well positioned to maintain strong and profitable growth into the foreseeable future.

Rotam represents many firsts for The CID Group. Rotam is one of the first agricultural related portfolio companies of CID Greater China Venture Capital Fund III (2010). In addition to being the first exit for this fund, it also represents the first exit among The CID Group’s agricultural related portfolio companies. Finally, Rotam is CID’s first China based Taiwanese returnee listing on the TSE. Rotam and CID worked hand-in hand to help promote the Company to Taiwan’s capital markets by ensuring that Rotam’s core strengths and long term investment potential were widely understood and recognized by potential investors.